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MBA Admissions Consulting Packages

Like most serious b-school applicants, if comprehensive and end-to-end support is what works best for you, here is a snapshot of what you will appreciate in our end-to-end packages-

From the time you decide to do an MBA, there are many critical aspects about applying to the business schools. Aspects like evaluating if your GMAT scores are enough to target your choicest school, identifying if the program you are targeting fits your goals and profile or considering the specialization and recruitment opportunities after graduating from a particular school. We do not serve just as your admission consultants but your partners, we help you bring the best from your own profile by conducting brainstorming sessions and encourage you to come up with relevant stories from your life. We help you strategize your essays and select the right recommenders. We work with you even after you get your admission results and help you decide between the schools.

ApexWriters’ comprehensive admission counseling service works in stages. A consultant guides you through various phases starting with discussion on strengthening your profile to helping you with interview preparation.


Once you find ApexWriters’ end-to-end MBA Admissions Consulting Packages appropriate for your needs, we will ask you for your current resume and map your profile, needs, and expectation of time commitment and assign you a consultant. We would discuss about Your professional background and future career goals – your criteria like concentration, location, tuition fee, recruitment prospects and scholarships/fellowships,your strengths and weaknesses and how can you convey them in a way that would impress the admission committee. We will give you our expert feedback on your profile and about your chances of getting accepted at your choicest schools. We would be candid to admit if we would find that your goals are a little too ambitious for the school you are applying to but at the same time, we will also counsel you about the programs that fit the most. Even if you do not specific schools in mind, you will go with us through a comprehensive list of business schools and choose with our continuous guidance. Once the schools are decided, we will highlight the aspects of your applications which can be highlighted and the obvious weaknesses which can either be mitigated or presented as learning experiences. We will give you pointers for resume, reference letters and essays.

Reference letters carry weight because recommenders are unbiased individuals who can provide additional details about you and testify what you have already written in your essays and resume. During the brainstorming sessions, we will can help you choose the right people who you may wan to approach for soliciting a reference letter. We would also help you share the information with your recommenders which will help them relevant letters for you.

Most applicants, tired of writing the essays, prefer cut and paste job on questions which are near common among the schools they are applying. You should know that admission committee can intuitively know if an applicant has not done the research about the school and the essays are not tailored to the essay question. Our expert consultants and editors can help you draft your personal essays by bringing out the most convincing and relevant stories from your life. Through your application essays, you have a unique opportunity to convince the admission officers your fit to their program and we promise to guide you showcase your goals and stories in a much improved manner. You can discuss with us the possible layouts for each question and we can suggest you on what would seem us the most appropriate. Before you start writing the essay outline, we will brainstorm with you the content, which would not only save your time and effort but also bring a flow in the essay. Once you are done with the first draft, you upload your essays which we will now evaluate in every possible way as an admission officer and share the HONEST feedback. Now it is your turn to work towards your second draft, it may not take as long as your first draft but will surely require some substantial work. There are usually two such rounds depending upon the content.

Already breathless? Do not worry, after all this is how good essays are born! Your partners (consultants?) would work together on improving your essays and will make sure that essays look apt in flow, syntax and relevance. What is also of importance is that school specific information and your goals come out clearly in the write-up.

A happy news and it is an interview invite, great! We would share a detailed questionnaire and share strategies to answer frequently asked questions at the business schools.

ApexWriters’ Comprehensive and high touch service; if you are ready, we are too! Welcome

USA MBA Programs accepting 15 years education

US business schools accepting three years undergraduate degree from India

US education system requires students to complete four years of undergraduate education to obtain a degree. Thus, most business schools in the US require international students to to complete a minimum of 16 years (10+2+4) of education before they apply for programs like MBA. In countries like India, apart from courses such as medicine and engineering; most undergraduate courses need three years for completion.

While some schools would accept 15 years of education, some would ask you to increase your competitiveness by obtaining a Master’s degree before applying; some would mention that a post graduate diploma in the same area of study as your Bachelor’s degree can qualify you for the program and some would consider you eligible if you are a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and hold a 3-year Bachelor’s degree.

In our eight years’ experience, we have seen many successful applicants who have done well in their career, have a good extracurricular records and convey their case convincingly getting through almost all schools. Since the schools evaluate the applications in totality, we would encourage you to write the admissions committee of your choicest school and check the eligibility and frame application in accordance to those preferences.

Here is the list of b-schools that accept three years Indian undergraduate degree.

  1. Harvard Business School –
    Official Link for confirmation
  2. Stanford Business School –
    Official Link for confirmation
  3. University of Chicago-Booth –
    Official Link for confirmation
  4. Kellogg Business School –
    Official Link for confirmation

– See complete at:

ISB-MFAB-Essays -2014-2015

ISB’S MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME FOR FAMILY BUSINESS (MFAB) aims at grooming the younger generation of family-owned businesses for effective leadership. Mr Deepak Chandra, Deputy Dean at ISB, shares that 70% of market capitalization on BSE is attributed to family businesses but the survival rate in the next generations is not encouraging. MFAB, thus, aims at developing and enhancing business leadership through innovative world class program. You may check out the admissions information and online application to know more about the program.

Apart from taking the BAT, ISB requires you to write the following essays/Video Essay.

Application Essays:

Q1. Why do you intend to pursue MFAB program? (500 words)
Q2. Describe an important initiative that your business has undertaken during the past 5 years. Explain why you consider it important. You may share an initiative taken by your company even if you were not necessarily involved or associated with it. (500 words)
Q3. According to you, what are the main challenges faced by your business and how would you address them? (500 words)
Q4. Please use this space to highlight anything you wish to bring to the notice of the admissions office/admission committee which could not be highlighted in any other part of the application. Examples of things to list here would include explanations for gaps in work or education, inconsistent or below average academic performance. Use this space to also highlight work and non-work related awards & achievements which you feel would add value to your application. (500 words)
Q5. VIDEO ESSAY – Based on your strengths, how would you add value to your peers in your joining class at the ISB? You could site examples to substantiate your response. (90 Seconds)

Additional Questions:
Q6. What are the short-term and long-term goals of your business and how do you envision your role in the orgainisation? (300 words)
Q7. Describe the department/organizational unit for which you are responsible. Relate it to the whole organization in terms of size, scope, and autonomy of responsibility. What human resources, budget, and capital investment are you responsible? (500 words)
Q8. When was your business started and what have been the important milestones in the business? (300 words)
Q9. Please describe the roles, responsibilities of the family members involved in managing the business. (500 words)


While working in your family business and preparing for BAT if you find that you need support in preparing your best application – please consult your ISB-MFAB admissions partnersOur team is tirelessly working to help MFAB applicants prepare their application, review their essays and writing their resume.

Please check our ISB-MFAB Essays Editing service that can just be the help that you may need.

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