USA MBA Programs accepting 15 years education

US business schools accepting three years undergraduate degree from India

US education system requires students to complete four years of undergraduate education to obtain a degree. Thus, most business schools in the US require international students to to complete a minimum of 16 years (10+2+4) of education before they apply for programs like MBA. In countries like India, apart from courses such as medicine and engineering; most undergraduate courses need three years for completion.

While some schools would accept 15 years of education, some would ask you to increase your competitiveness by obtaining a Master’s degree before applying; some would mention that a post graduate diploma in the same area of study as your Bachelor’s degree can qualify you for the program and some would consider you eligible if you are a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and hold a 3-year Bachelor’s degree.

In our eight years’ experience, we have seen many successful applicants who have done well in their career, have a good extracurricular records and convey their case convincingly getting through almost all schools. Since the schools evaluate the applications in totality, we would encourage you to write the admissions committee of your choicest school and check the eligibility and frame application in accordance to those preferences.

Here is the list of b-schools that accept three years Indian undergraduate degree.

  1. Harvard Business School –
    Official Link for confirmation
  2. Stanford Business School –
    Official Link for confirmation
  3. University of Chicago-Booth –
    Official Link for confirmation
  4. Kellogg Business School –
    Official Link for confirmation

– See complete at:

ISB-MFAB-Essays -2014-2015

ISB’S MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME FOR FAMILY BUSINESS (MFAB) aims at grooming the younger generation of family-owned businesses for effective leadership. Mr Deepak Chandra, Deputy Dean at ISB, shares that 70% of market capitalization on BSE is attributed to family businesses but the survival rate in the next generations is not encouraging. MFAB, thus, aims at developing and enhancing business leadership through innovative world class program. You may check out the admissions information and online application to know more about the program.

Apart from taking the BAT, ISB requires you to write the following essays/Video Essay.

Application Essays:

Q1. Why do you intend to pursue MFAB program? (500 words)
Q2. Describe an important initiative that your business has undertaken during the past 5 years. Explain why you consider it important. You may share an initiative taken by your company even if you were not necessarily involved or associated with it. (500 words)
Q3. According to you, what are the main challenges faced by your business and how would you address them? (500 words)
Q4. Please use this space to highlight anything you wish to bring to the notice of the admissions office/admission committee which could not be highlighted in any other part of the application. Examples of things to list here would include explanations for gaps in work or education, inconsistent or below average academic performance. Use this space to also highlight work and non-work related awards & achievements which you feel would add value to your application. (500 words)
Q5. VIDEO ESSAY – Based on your strengths, how would you add value to your peers in your joining class at the ISB? You could site examples to substantiate your response. (90 Seconds)

Additional Questions:
Q6. What are the short-term and long-term goals of your business and how do you envision your role in the orgainisation? (300 words)
Q7. Describe the department/organizational unit for which you are responsible. Relate it to the whole organization in terms of size, scope, and autonomy of responsibility. What human resources, budget, and capital investment are you responsible? (500 words)
Q8. When was your business started and what have been the important milestones in the business? (300 words)
Q9. Please describe the roles, responsibilities of the family members involved in managing the business. (500 words)


While working in your family business and preparing for BAT if you find that you need support in preparing your best application – please consult your ISB-MFAB admissions partnersOur team is tirelessly working to help MFAB applicants prepare their application, review their essays and writing their resume.

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Berkeley-Haas- MFE Essays 2014-2015 | MS-Financial Engineering Admissions Essays

Application essays are now available for the applicants who are applying to the Financial Engineering program at Berkeley Haas.

Please check MFE’s website for details

Q1 Please provide a statement regarding your experience, if any, in applying your quantitative skills in problem solving in business or research settings (250 words)

Q2 Please discuss your intermediate and long-term professional goals and why you want an MFE degree at this point in your career.(250 words)

Q3 Innovation is often viewed as one of the hallmarks of successful financial practitioners. Please describe how you have demonstrated this characteristic in your personal or professional life. (250 words)

Q4 How will your presence in the MFE program benefit the other students? What do you think you will be able to contribute to their experience while at Berkeley? (250 words)

Short Answers (Close to ~150 words)
1. List all courses in progress and courses you expect to take before enrolling at Berkeley. Indicate the institution, department, course number, number of units, expected date of completion, and a brief description for each course. Do not include courses listed on transcripts that you have already sent to us.

2. If you have ever been placed on academic probation, been dismissed from a school, or received a failing grade (including nongraded courses for which you received an assessment of unsatisfactory or “not pass”), please explain.

3. Do you feel that your academic record is an accurate reflection of your ability and potential? In comparison to your college friends and classmates, do you feel that you were particularly advantaged or disadvantaged? Please explain.

4. What do you view as a particular strength of yours? What do you view as a particular weakness? Would friends or family share your view?

5. Provide an account of any gaps in your employment since your undergraduate degree.

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ISB Essays 2014-2015 | Writing Tips

To get a head start, it would be nice to look at the writing tips and analysis to generate more ideas.

Here, are some of the tips-
Innovation or doing things differently it is said is a key to future success. Could you substantiate or negate this idea based on your experience. Please provide examples from your own experience ? either examples of your own innovation or examples of others whom you have worked with. 300 words
This is an opportunity to showcase your ability to stand out. Here, innovation does not have to be a patent or some technical marvel you had invented; it could be just anything – a time when you decided not to follow a set path and become an agent of change delivering value to people, organization or society. Now, it is example time. Think deeply and talk about 1-2 experiences that are insightful, to you and to the reader. Talk about the results and how have they convinced you that being innovative is being futuristic. We don’t want to guide you with any structure and let you be creative here, just ensure that you are precise and convincing.
Applying to and enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how you expect to benefit from the ISB experience in achieving your goals. 300 words
Crisply put – why MBA and why ISB? Talk about your motivation behind the first job – it could be your passion, need to get the job, money or any other interest. Describe how moved forward in your career (different roles with same company or different companies) and fine tuned your aspirations. By now, you should have steered the reader towards your goal. This section should close in about 100 words. Now, talk maturely about your immediate and long term goals. The story should further flow towards the role that a PGP from ISB can play. Each school has a unique flavor-in terms of clubs / students activities, center of excellence, reputed alumni base and specific electives. Connect with students, visit the campus or attend events if need be, and let the reader know that you have done your home work and ISB is ‘the’ school for you.

A) This experience completely changed my way of thinking. OR B) An instance when you went out of the ordinary to achieve something significant, but in hind sight feel you could have done better. OR C) Tell us about your role in a team that made a significant contribution to the organization OR D) Contribution to peer learning and engagement with the ISB student body are important aspects of the ISB experience. What contribution do you expect to make in this direction during the one year at ISB. 200 words
A) These are experiential questions where you can talk about professional or personal experiences. You may just want to see that your application has a good blend of personal and professional stories. With 200 words at disposal, straight away start with your experience and then talk about how it impacted your thought process. Also, clearly mention that the ‘experience’ has certainly changed your way of thinking with some real world example(s)
B) Don’t confuse it with the previous question (doing things differently). This question would talk about your ability to reflect back (one of the key traits of leaders) and courage to identify your shortcomings. Highlight the learning and your pursuit of improvement.
C) When you talk about your role, it could be of a team member or a leader. As evident from the prompt, success is the outcome and your suggestions, methodologies, efforts and ability to steer the team is what the adcom would like to see here. If possible, see if you can talk about your contribution in measurable terms.
D) Student engagement at a b-school is priceless. Ask yourself – when you would not be studying, what do you want yourself to be occupied with? how will you mingle with peers and share the life experiences? You could contribute to the student body by becoming a sports champion / organizer/initiator. Link the same with your past-if you have actually participated in / led events in your college / company.


You can trust us as your accountability partners, who not only support or guide you but also work tirelessly for your/our success. Contact us today to know how can right partnership make a difference in your ISB Admissions journey.

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